The Importance Of Professionalism In Nursing

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In today’s society many often look for a pat on the back, a reward, trophy or the spot light in order to do well in the eyes of their fellow man. However, in the nursing profession there are tasks taken on by a nurse alone with a patient who is in desperate needs our services and help. This is when the true ethics of nursing comes into play; being able to perform our best and do the right thing when no one else is around is so very important. Having a standard of care and displaying moral characteristics by serving others without an interest of self should be a rewarding experience to any nurse. No crowds, no lights, and no applause just doing a great job and caring for mankind as all would want someone to do for them. The dilemma is how does a person get to that point? Our personal, cultural and spiritual values contribute to the worldview of philosophy today often from rearing. Starting with a childhood experiences, upbringing and a belief in God is what contributes to a person’s cultural and personal experiences. However, when this is not available how is it that an individual can summon a type of moral characteristic or tenacity when it was not taught in the environment in which a person grows up in? It is at this time that fellow nurses and educational experiences help to develop and instill a standard to many regardless of nationality, background, or financial ranking. What matters the most is that nurses assume a title of professionalism while caring for others who expect nothing else but our very best. It is at that time that an individual must come to the resolve and make a determination prior to receiving a degree, walking across the stage and applying the pendant to the lapel that they as nurses will uphold a standard of trustworthiness, compassion and dedication. A nurse should strive to do his/her best without cutting corners, taking the easy way out or receding from a difficult/tedious task. Able to accept the job with both arms open and relying on schooling, knowledge, and a conscious to do what is correct and beneficial for each and every patient will last. The obligation as nurse for patients should be founded on nothing less than values, morals and ethics. According to Potter & Perry (2007), “an Individual value is defined as a personal belief about the worth you hold for an idea, a custom or an object” (p.67). These values help shape a person’s point of view as well as an aid in developing the nursing roles by helping to define nursing values and goals. Together with a team of professionals nurses can come together effectively regarding difficult ethical issues and concerns. Morals usually are referred to as judgment about a particular behavior whereas ethics is the study of a moral standard governed by right or wrong principles. The characteristics of moral conduct I strive to live by daily is to carry out nursing responsibilities in a manner in which I am consisted with quality patient care and affective in making a difference in a patient’s life one at a time. My personal views and philosophies may be conflicting with my obligation to practice nursing due to the fact that doctors, colleges and medical facilities spend billions of dollars on medical research and to a certain degree it has proven to be effective. Man has developed numerous cures for polio, syphilis, and other diseases in researches which patients are grateful for and cannot minimize the efforts of others. However, with the enormous amount of drugs on the market today there are times that man can do nothing that will