The Importance Of Project Management

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With the rise and advent of new technological processes within large scale organizations,

the fundamental resources within an organization are managed as separate projects, specialized

in function and execution. Managing resources like man, money and computing technology in a

systematic, yet standard procedure is vital in any technology-intensive organization. These

organizations employ such procedures using set manuals that dictate the way a project is created,

sustained and maintained. This Project Management (PM) framework lists the tasks involved in

the initiation, planning, execution, observation, measurement and controlled sustenance of the

project. Managing the project involves creating control of all resources through
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Project Management Framework

A Project Management Plan elaborates the framework and the agency for project control.

The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)

has been the commonly referred manual for most project management departments in

organizations. The PMBOK Guide (2008) includes 42 management processes under nine

knowledge areas, each of which comprehensively are related to five project phases. The

knowledge areas that the PMBOK detail are: project integration management, project scope

management, project time management, project quality management, project human resource

(HR) management, project communications management, project risk management, and project

procurement management.

There is proportionality in the relationship between these knowledge areas, namely a

slight change in one could cause a derailment in another. At that stage, control is exercised
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The categories of PM control techniques are analytical management, process-oriented, or

people-oriented. Some project control tools and techniques are discussed further.

Computer Software: Various programming applications are accessible for PM, and when

coordinated with business forms, they empower better extend following and control. PM


programming use is more noteworthy when: the requirement for data quality is high, the

undertaking is more muddled, and the product gives more prominent usefulness (Ali et al, 2008).

Programming ought to be easy to use, perfect with present and future arranged updates of the

association's Information Innovation (IT) framework, upheld by round-the-clock client help, and

secured against information defilement and unapproved access. The undertaking group ought to

be prepared on the product to build their recognition and utilization of the same. Prevalent PM

programming applications incorporate software like Microsoft Project, Primavera, Open Plan,

Artemis, and Project Workbench (Ali et al,