The Importance Of Public Relations

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Public relations is mainly about communicating realistically with key audience who are the main influence on your business results, such as policy makers and influencers, shareholder and customers, and media analysts, this is In order to have the best support of the “values” and the “power” of the organization’s brands for the stakeholders. To raise performance and credibility all the elements of corporate brand, such as emotional and functional benefits, personality, core message and end goal, to also reputation, need to have full leverage with internal and external audiences. To sustain and raise the standards of performance and credibility however, you need to enhance your awareness, understanding and commitment to a brand through
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Another factor has been the exponential growth in social media fueled by consumer demand. Serving again as an example, American Airlines believes the integration of marketing and public relations activities is primarily the
Result of the arrival and acceptance of social media and an increased social consciousness by consumers (Bush, 2009). Recent research also reflects these sentiments. Specially, a Text 100 Global Public Relations study relations may be more important than advertising to brand value (New Study, 2010). In general, these are evidence within the
Current marketplace that “clients are looking for integrated programs and consistent brand messaging across every point of contact with their customers” (Baruzzi, 2010). [1]

2. The
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What’s mostly related to public relations within the organization and the stakeholder’s is their behavior knowledge, and opinions. Public Relations happens to be the best qualified in and most concerned about, ensuring the stakeholder’s well-being, it is very important to recognize the value that PR adds to the branding process.

It may seem that both branding and public relations as study areas are very weakly related. Public relations are all about reputation its role was never really to build up a brand. Reputation can define wither a certain service or product or organization is trust worthy but a brand is not described in the same way a brand is an image, while reputation is in fact reality.

It would seem that limiting a brand to a name/logo or so seem quiet irrational. A brand tends to tell a story, one that includes the good and the bad, with the rapid informing of all the stakeholders to keep them aware of their situation. And since that is the reality of the situation and Public relations is considered to be a master storyteller when it comes to stakeholder’s awareness and well being then it only makes sense that we consider that a strong connection truly exists