The Importance Of Racism In America

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Racism has been apart of history in every civilization, to think America currently does not have issues with racists is naive. On a daily basis people are being segregated because of the color of their skin. It is hard to believe that someone would have prejudice views towards certain races, yet this terrible occurrence happens daily. Whether you are from mexican or native american backgrounds, in the eyes of some people you are considered a minority. It is troubling for me know that people everyday are going through struggles because of their race, I don’t think white people understand how lucky they are that they are white, the hardships that black persons have to go through would have crushed many of the white people I know. In America, more than 50 percent of the population think that racism is a “big problem”, yet the number keeps rising. In the last two years the percent of people that think racism is a big problem in America has increased by almost 10 percent …show more content…
They want to reduce the violence that is done to blacks from racists. Movements like this is what america needs to promote and have a better future. The black lives matter movement has improved the overall violence wrongfully admitted to blacks (Engler, 2016). This could be due to the fact that the movement has brought out so much attention that racists are now trying to hide the fact that they are racist. A recent assignment that was assigned in my American Law class was to write what races or things you are prejudice towards, and when the papers were read almost everyone said they didn’t have prejudice views towards a certain race. This could be true, but is likely untrue. Almost everyone has a certain prejudice towards something, even if we try and believe we have equal feelings towards all races, it's impossible. This is why the society and world we live in today is nauseous (Wan,