The Importance Of Relationships In Education

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Relationship Building Plan

A teacher is not only burdened with the responsibility of ensuring that he is able to do his part in educating his students. As they say, the caliber of a teacher is seen with how his students are able to rise above mediocrity. However, the teaching profession is not just about imparting quality education. Along the process, he has to build rapport among his students and the other people around him. For the purposes of this paper, the various relationships that a teacher builds throughout his career as an educator will be discussed. Aside from that, this paper will provide as to how these relationships will be developed, and how Christ is magnified with an educator interacts on a daily basis.

Various Relationships
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According to Zakrzewski (2012), teachers are always under the scrutiny of the educational system. Hence, teachers and administrators must work together so that a happy and healthy culture in schools premises is established. Although positive relationships are not created overnight, the effort will be worth it. When teachers and school staff are able to collaborate effectively, it will lead to a better education for the students (Zakrzewski, 2012).

Teacher to teacher relationship is also important. The more that a teacher is comfortable with his co-workers, his teaching career will be made easier as he collaborates with them most especially during tough times (Meador, 2012). To do this, the educator must avoid gossip or hearsay. Aside from that, he must also avoid being critical with regard his co-workers. This way, the educator will surely be comfortable as he works within the school premises on a daily basis.

As a future educator, it is important to appreciate the importance of relationships. This way, I am able to deal with relationship frictions and instead of burning bridges, I will be able to build another because relationships are
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Despite this, an educator is not exempted from building relationships with the people around him. As such, he must have to build strong rapport with his students, with his students’ parents, the school administrators, and his co-workers. This way, he becomes successful in his teaching career. An educator must also be able to shine the light of Christ to the people around him. When he makes Christ as the center of his teaching profession and with how he builds relationship with those he interacts on a daily basis, his ways will surely become prosperous and he will have good success.


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