The Importance Of Reputation Lens

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In chapter 10, Baird focuses on the fourth and final ethical lens which is the focus on virtue that a community believes should be cultivated by a good person. This lens requires the character of person to be explored by way of virtue and ethics. Those who wrote about leading a virtuous life, like Thomas Aquinas, say that becoming a good person embraces our whole life. The focus of a good life first starts by focusing on moral agents and their lives. This fourth and final lens, the Reputation Lens, invites us to reflect on how we want to be viewed by others in the community and what essential qualities are needed to be a good citizen. This question directs our attention to the ethical decision maker by asking how do they want to be seen and what type of person they are. The character ethics focuses on the qualities that is required for us to fulfill the obligations to the community. This balance of defining ourselves by the roles we take on and by the roles we naturally take on can be difficult. Working with the concept of ethics will develop our character and the Reputation Lens requires us to determine what kind of person we want to be also how we want to be seen. How we see ourselves as moral and strive to meet the ethical behavior is self imposed as well as what is expected in the community. We are required to reflect on our skill to become emotionally mature and flexible. As we mature, we become more grounded in what we believe is right and not avoid getting