The Importance Of Research

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English 131: Paper 2

This is a descriptive paper of medium length with minimum 1050 words (approximately 4-5 pages).

It should be typed in MLA format, (See Little, Seagull Handbook pp. 133-35), with a correct initial header, running header, title, and word count at the end. Each paragraph of the essay should begin with an italicized topic sentence.

*In this paper, students explore/observe a certain person, place, phenomenon, or event of some social, cultural, national, or historical significance. While the topic should be iconic and have considerable public significance, it may relate to you personally as well. Examples of topics include the life of Martin Luther King, Mount Rushmore, the World Trade Center, GPS Technology, and Mardi Gras. *In this paper, students will aim to inform about as well as explore the issue first hand while describing it. Be sure to combine the objective and physical/external dimension of your topic with its personal/abstract/emotional aspect in a balanced way. *Students are expected to do minimum research for this paper. However, depending on the nature of the subject and their presence in popular media (including the Internet) the desired amount of research may vary. Allow yourself to be persuaded by your findings. That is, you will let the study take its own course.

General Expectations
*Introduction & Conclusion: The introduction should briefly describe your subject matter and establish its general significance. Similarly, your conclusion should provide a succinct summary of what you say and what your overall understanding of the subject now is.
*Description: The topic should be thoroughly described. Pay attention to detail about the subject being described;
*The paper should display genuine engagement/interest of the writer with the topic. A balance between the personal, abstract, or emotional responses and the hard facts and objective data;
*A comprehensive list of sources used in the paper (Works Cited List—Refer to the Little Seagull Handbook).
*Focus & Organization: Each body paragraph should be unified a central idea. Shift/change in ideas should be marked by change in paragraph and the use of appropriate transition worlds.
*Mechanics: I allow you two mechanical errors per page for “free.” The essay should be correct in both grammar and MLA style. Be sure to include course and section number in the initial header and to provide a running header with your last name and the page number. *Note: You may include only one photographic or tabular/chart material to make