The Importance Of Research Groups

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It is your responsibility to your group to complete your part of the assignment for each reading. You must rotate through the literature circle roles, and it is the responsibility of the group to keep up with this rotation of responsibility. The responses to the literature role must be posted on your Group Discussion Forum prior to our class session. In addition, either someone in your group must bring an electronic device that can pull up the group members contributions or you must bring a print copy of your contribution to class. NOTE: This assignment is preparation for class discussion. If you are not in class on that day, you cannot make a verbal contribution to your Group or to the Class; therefore, you will not receive credit for this part of our daily work.


Your job is to dig up some background information on any topic related to the writer’s life. This might include information about the author, her/his life, and other works. Information about the time period portrayed in the reading assignment. This history and deviation of words or names used in the reading. This is not a format research report. The idea is to find some bits of information or material that helps your group understand the reading better. Investigate something that really interests you—something that struck you as puzzling or curious while you were reading the introduction, preface, story, poem, or the author biography in your text.

Five Interesting Points:


Your job is to develop a list of questions that your group might want to discuss about the reading assignment. Don’t worry about the small details: your task is to help students talk over the big ideas in the reading and share their reactions. Usually the best discussion questions come from your own thoughts, feelings, and concerns as you read, which you can list in question or topic form. Think about the following questions: What questions did you have while reading? What questions did you have when you finished the reading? Did anything in the reading surprise you? What are the most important ideas?

Five Possible Discussion Questions or Topics :


Your job is to locate a few special sections of the text that your group would like to hear read aloud. The idea is to help students remember some interesting, powerful, funny, puzzling, or important ideas about these passages. You decide which passages or paragraphs are worth hearing, and then jot plans for how they should be