The Importance Of Safeguards

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• The name, address and telephone number of the manager must be provided to each household in the HMO, and the same information must be clearly displayed in a prominent position in the
HMO (in the common parts of the HMO).
Duty to take safety measures:
• Means of escape from fire must be kept free of obstruction and kept in good order and repair.
• Fire fighting equipment, emergency lighting and alarms must be kept in good working order.
• All reasonable steps must be taken to protect occupiers from injury with regard to the design of the HMO, its structural condition and the total number of occupiers. In particular, any unsafe roof or balcony must be made safe or all reasonable measures taken to prevent access to them.
Safeguards must be provided to protect occupiers with windows with sills at or near floor level.
• In HMOs of more than four occupants, notices indicating the location of means of escape from fire must be displayed so they are clearly visible to all occupiers.
Duty to maintain water supply and drainage:
• These must be maintained in proper working order - namely in good repair and clean condition.
Specifically, storage tanks must be effectively covered to prevent contamination of water, and pipes should be protected from frost damage.
Duty to supply and maintain gas and electricity:
• These should not be unreasonably interrupted by the landlord or manager.
• All fixed electrical installations must be inspected and tested by a qualified engineer at least once every 5 years and a results certificate obtained.
• The latest gas safety record and electrical safety test results must be provided to the council within 7 days of the council making a written request for such.
Duty to maintain common parts, fixtures, fittings and appliances:
• All common parts must be kept clean, safe, in good decorative repair and working order and free from obstruction. In particular, handrails and banisters must be provided and kept in good order, any stair coverings securely fixed, windows and other…