The Importance Of Science In Science

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Science teachers should balance the teaching of facts and information and problem solving skills with means that foster students’ curiosity and investigate in the socio-scientific world of science (Albe, 2008). In science, our current knowledge is limited and there are a lot of problems to be solved. This sets the platform for students to participate in searching and generating new knowledge. The first step in such scientific journey is being curious. So science teachers have huge responsibilities in instigating student curiosity by careful planning and thoughtful implementation and assessment.

For argument-based inquiry to be effective and successful in teaching science, the learning environment must be encouraging to explorations and investigations. The teacher must create an inviting and respectful environment by deemphasizing correct and incorrect answers over reasoning and justifying. Large class sizes make students to be reluctant and fearful to involve themselves in
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Teachers should consider in offering activities that uses competing theories and common students learning difficulties. Even such activities, once in a while, are helpful and a good way of assessing the method itself. Integration of teaching science and laboratory skills with the dialogical argumentations of socio-scientific issues make students to see the actual practices of scientists and how science works. Students should be encouraged to forward what they think about that concept and reason out why they think about the concept. Many benefits had been suggested for dialogical argumentation. It allows each students to be active learner, develop better communication skills, promote social skills and achieve better conceptual understanding of the scientific