The Importance Of Slavery In America

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With the start of this new industrial revolution, the demand for cotton up north has really began to upswing. Due to our climate and soil fertility, cotton began to thrive here in the south rather than up north. This cotton kingdom started with the land from the Choctaw Indians being broken up and sold by each acre ranging on prices. I turned out to be terribly wrong about slavery dying out due to tobacco exhausting the soil; yet again, slavery is thriving. Being a farmer here in Alabama, I have many neighboring farmers who believe greatly in the slavery concept and have adapted quite well to it. I on the other hand disagree with the ownership of slaves, viewing it as a very immoral and ghastly concept to be a part of.
These defenders of slavery here in the American south believe that blacks will not work effectively except as slaves, to which I say is rubbish. Lately, I’ve been hearing all sorts of stories about slavery being abolished or how certain places- Jamaica for example- are flourishing now due to being given their right of emancipation. Being emancipated gives them independence and comfort that they are given the chance to prosper in part of that country. I believe that more countries should adapt this free labor experiment, as seen in the West Indies, because I trust that this will establish a more superior economy with rich possibilities.
Any person who believes that the bible has given them some sort of permission or grant to keep on enslaving people, even