The Importance Of Social Life

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I am human, and I make mistakes. High school, these are the most crucial four years of any person’s life. These are the times when people separate each other and form their own cliques, when people’s talents are broadcasted for everyone to see, and while some people soar during these couple of years, some people will plummet in the actions they make.
My freshman and sophomore years of high school were dreadful. In fact, they are an absolute blur in my head. While most students’ goals were to be valedictorian of the class, I spent most of my precious time trying to be that one person who had the most friends, and constantly fretted about my social life. At that moment, I failed to realize the magnitude of importance that comes with the first two years of high school. I never knew that the grades you attain can be a big indicator whether a university accepts you, or denies you. The thought of how I put my social life before my education absolutely repulsed me. I promised myself that from now on, education would be the only subject on my mind. Unfortunately, I feared that it might be too late to reverse the damage.
During my junior year, I pushed myself to limits I never knew I possessed. I put away my phone, my computer, and deactivated my Facebook. My social life will never again distract me from what was really important, my dreams, my future, and the university I will attend. I took advanced placement classes hoping that will bring up my GPA, and I took numerous amounts of health classes to gain knowledge in the medical field, a career I wanted to pursue since I was a little girl. Locking myself in my room…