The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

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The core of the business in this 21st century era lies in marketing. It can be can be considered as the heart of business .marketing can be called as an art by some but it is purely science. Most aspect of the successful business depends on this science of marketing. Marketing is huge ocean which covers advertising, public relation, promotions and sales.AS marketing is the core of business, so as advertising is the core of marketing, where you get to introduce the product to the customers. The advertising that’s hitting the nerve of the customers is right now lies in the social media advertising like Facebook, Instagram, google plus, twitter, Myspace. When it comes to social media marketing success or the impact factor it lies …show more content…
Social media marketing has three essence to it one is the user, next the group and the last is the web technology behind it. They differ from the conventional method which was used in last few decades or so like newspaper, television ads, radio ads, or even the movies as they tend to be time taking and also not cost effective. Today all over the world billions of people are using facebook, Instagram, twitter, myspace where connecting to them is as easy as it takes.
Social media provides a mouth piece to both customer and the marketers, it helps to understand what both want from each other thus it provides a platform to express themselves. It gives the business entity people the voice to connect with their customers and helps the message also personalize the brand but in a calmer and relaxed way as they know who their potential users.
In today’s world the smart phones and social networking sites play an important role. Social networking sites help each end users to communicate with each other so they help in building relationship and interaction between each of them. So when a business or a firm enters this type of media they can establish themselves with their potential customers and also customers can interact with business people. The conversation between them fells easy because its ease of access and to interact because of previous experience of using the social networking
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I.e. how to tackle word of mouth in so you can publicizes the product with more intent and higher impact factor.
Another important thing about targeted marketed system is how to get the key interest of the user to higher the impact factor of the product among the users? What are features that the people like in this product? What are they expecting in the next version? How easy to use? Is the product features likeable to the interests of the users? In this paper we have tried to answer these questions.
Social networking sites is a means to find the users. Here we have proposed a system which helps in targeted marketing using data mining as a tool for analysis with clustering technique to boost up the advertising