The Importance Of Social Networks In People And Communication

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The sole purpose for research was to find out the relevance of social networks in people and communication and how we communicate; recognize the commonly used social networks and how these impact the way the communicate. The study also has a focus on social media and how we’ve evolved to interact. The research was primarily done on people, other research essays and books. Every writer had a different opinion and carried it out several ways. However this paper was done on the agreements between them.
The very first social network came out in 1967 called Six Degrees and shut down in 2000. After that in 2009 there were over 150 major sites. We express social network sites as web-based services that will allow people to; build a public profile within a protected system, accumulate a list of people you want to connect and share information with and compare their linking inside the system.
To begin, social media has had a great influence on communication. Mail, talking in person and landline is not a very common occurrence we see today. Now, we communicate through text messages, instant messaging and even pictures! Depending on your audience social media could be the best thing to happen to society today or a complete disaster. Truthfully, it has fallen somewhere in the middle. It has had a great impact on our social and communication skills. It connects people to feel like they’re part of little communities. Before when we couldn’t rely on technology to talk to people outside of the country, call someone when they weren’t at home, or connect to people online using our phones. We relied on ourselves and letters to get the message across. Most people can hold a full conversation via text, but if they met a new person, it is harder for people to keep the conversation flowing. But also it has assisted with a lot of things. There are undoubtedly some virtuous things that come out of it but also some distresses. There is primary to show information on whether there is a direct correlation between social media, and how it has affected our communication skills. My secondary research had more of a focus on technology and how we communicate. Another focus will be, real meaning of a friend.
For my primary research I focused mainly on social media. Before I got my results back I was predicting that the more social media people were connect to, the lower their communication skills. When I got my results they were very interesting. If people had accounts for even one of the social media websites and used them more