The Importance Of Solar Power

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2.1 Project Need
2.1.1 Solar Power Application:
Solar power is one of the purest form of energy which known by man. Sunlight is a natural renewable source of power which is also of free cost.
Generators: Generators are loud, expensive because they require fuel and are generally not allowed to be used in national parks and some caravan parks. Generators also require maintenance after few months.
Vehicle Power: Power from the vehicle is stored in our battery and can power the average camper’s requirements for some time. When this stored power go through or its time up, you have to start the vehicle again to charge the battery. Your vehicle much similar as generator, it also requires fuel which is expensive .It will also take some time to
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The higher efficiency, the less surface area you will need in your solar panels. Mostly the solar panels are of 11-15% efficient. In addition to efficiency and size of the solar panel, the other factors will affect to the power that your solar panels will generate. It’s most important to make sure panels are installed in the optimal position. The position of panel is much important because the installers we work with will determine the correct orientation for your panels and also the angle based on the direction. They’ll also make sure the panels are installed with the proper amount of airflow so they stay cool because we should take care of solar panels that it will not become too hot, and they will work better if they stayed in the right temperature produce more …show more content…
Payloads can be solar panels, parabolic troughs, mirrors or lenses.
In flat-panel photovoltaic systems, purpose of sun trackers are to minimize the angle of incidence of sun light and a solar panel. This factor increases the amount of produced energy from a system fixed amount that installed in solar panel.
Fixed flat-panel is also be set to collect the high power that is available at noon-time, power full power is also available when sunlight is not present properly such as in early morning and in afternoons when the fixed panel fails to collect a reasonable proportion of the available energy. Even though when the Sun is present at the 10° above the horizon the available energy can be around half the noon-time energy levels.
Single axis trackers
Single axis trackers can track only in one degree direction that acts as an axis of rotation. There is an aligned north meridian with single axis rotation. It is possible to align them in any cardinal direction with advanced tracking algorithm .single axis work in different ways examples are below such as: In horizontal single axis trackers (HSAT), horizontal single axis tracker with tilted modules (HTSAT), vertical single axis trackers (VSAT), but here in our project we are using