The Importance Of Stereotypes In Kevin Davis's Life

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I would like to say that I am glad to live in a time where race is not an issue anymore, where there is not any supreme race and where we treat each other as the same human being regardless of the color of our skin. Despite that we are living in the 21th century, unfortunately, sometimes we still see problems in how people treat others based on their race. Zebratown by Greg Donaldson tells us a history about an interracial relationship between Kevin Davis a black ex-convict and Karen Tanski a white single mother. Stereotype about race is always present in their life. Stereotype is an image people have about how a specific group of people looks or acts, I learned about it in my sociology class. This paper will show how race has been stereotyped in Kevin Davis’ life, especially when we talk about the way he sees his life, social class, the criminal justice …show more content…
He thinks that he always has to show masculinity, power, and toughness. The majority of men like Kevin Davis, who come from really bad neighborhoods show all those characteristics with different things as how many women they date, the type of cars they have, etc., but most importantly the way they look, their appearance. Kevin had all of that and being a boxer helped him more. The language Kevin Davis uses is also a way to show that he is tough “Fuck you” (Pg. 139). I think that he feels powerful when he uses bad words while he speaks. There is a specific event in the book that shows Kevin’s pride in what seems to be his accomplishments. While Karen is driving him in their Mercedes Benz, he sees a Department of Correction Bus full of convicts, and he asks Karen to pull up next to it. Then he shouts out the window at them “Freedom is a must! Freedom is a must!”(Pg. 140). As an ex-convict, Kevin Davis wants them to see him in a Mercedes Benz with a blonde girl at his side. Apparently, this is a stereotype that Kevin Davis or a black man has achieved his American