The Importance Of Strategies

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Vocally I am trying to develop a richer timbre, improve breath management and extend my range. I am doing this via my selected exercises and study.

My first exercise is Messa Di Voce. This exercise involves a gradual crescendo and decrescendo on one single note that can be used on a variety of instruments but is most commonly known for voice. This can be a hard piece to master, as the singer must only change in volume, not pitch or timbre. Yet this exercise helps my pieces as it creates more natural dynamics in the voice. I have also made the exercise to suit my piece “I’m beginning to see the light” (Ella Fitzgerald) by making the exercise in the same key, Eb.

My second exercise is a standard exercise from Bob Tasman Smith’s Vocalises, known as ‘Trilling’. This exercise involves the fluctuation of the larynx by varying a pitch of a semitone in width, similar to a bird’s call. This can be a difficult exercise to master, as the tempo is very important. A way to overcome this is to start at a slow rate and become faster as you get more comfortable with the rhythm. Yet with difficulty comes more skills; this exercise focuses on the skill of agility and control. These two skills are helpful with my pieces for performance.

My third exercise is an “Ah” sound exercise. It is classed as a back vowel as the tongue tends to be long and the mouth is large and open. Sometimes the tongue, especially as notes get higher in range, can cause problems by pushing on the larynx. To overcome this, hold the tongue out, either with or without your hands. This exercise maintains chest quality by working the “deep down” part of the vocal fold. This