The Importance Of Success

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Success is a precious commodity which everyone wants but a very few achieve. This is not to disappoint you but a truth very hard to ignore.

On the positive side the truth is you achieve success every single day in the small little tasks you complete.

The problem with the human psyche is that it tends to relate success with all the big achievements and ignores the little ones we achieve in our day to day life.

But success also requires doing the right thing in required quantity at the right time.

Being unsuccessful at achieving certain goals doesn’t denote failure. Failure is when you quit.

Being unsuccessful simply means there is a lack of resonance between ‘the right thing, the right time and the right quantity’.

There are basically
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For a warrior the objective is the specific plan of attack often performed in a series to win the battle.

Having a goal in mind is not enough to succeed. You need to have a battle plan ready to achieve that goal.

Do you think that Gandhi succeeded only because he had a divine goal of ending the discrimination based on skin color?


He had a very detailed objective, a well developed specific plan of action to rise against the discrimination which not only was very successful but changed the course of history.

We are prone to make goals to create our dream life but we put little effort in listing the objectives which leads to the accomplishment of those goals.

“A goal devoid of objective is a sure way to become unsuccessful”

People make goals without having any clue of how to achieve that. Generally they plan to make, bend and execute tactics on the go as and when required.

I have done this many times and so did
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* Need more time to achieve a goal as you become distracted with too many options or lack of it.

* Chances of failure increase as you gradually become exhausted spreading your energy everywhere and lose the motivation due to lack of any accomplishment to show for your goals.

Hence, next time you make any goal make sure to have clear objective about it.

Tip: Don’t keep it on your mind. Write down your goals and accompanying objectives on paper. It will keep you focused.

Disorganized Execution:

You can have divine goals and the perfect strategy to achieve that but if you falter at this last step then you will only face disappointment.

Remember morning shows the day, but at the end of the day destination is the place where you really want to be.

And you can’t reach your destination if you don’t execute your plans in an organized way.

In a perfect world, where you have a single goal and a perfect way of executing your objectives, disorganized execution is a concept of imagination. But in our real world the story is completely