The Importance Of Sustainability In Business

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Sustainability in business refers to the long term strategic planning which incorporates organizational growth with positive environmental and societal continuity. More organisations are integrating sustainability into their everyday processes and these including producing and using green products, recycling and saving energy. Leadership in organisations is faced with the difficulty of balancing the expectations of different stakeholders while delivering on shareholder return. Although these expectations can sometimes be in conflict, sustainability in business is a necessity for the organization’s long term success (Eccles, 2012).

A study of 180 American based companies which had similar financial performance in the early 1990 revealed the
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1. In their extraction and use, substances taken from the earth do not exceed the environment's capacity to disperse, absorb, recycle or otherwise neutralise their harmful effects (to humans and/or the environment). 1. Organisations may not be prepared to invest money in recycling and energy saving programs. 2. In their manufacture and use, artificial substances do not exceed the environment's capacity to disperse, absorb, recycle or otherwise neutralise their harmful effects (to humans and/or the environment) 3. The capacity of the environment to provide ecological system integrity, biological diversity and productivity is protected or enhanced
Human Incorporates the health, knowledge, skills, intellectual outputs, motivation and capacity for relationships of the individual. 1. At all ages, individuals enjoy a high standard of health 1. The leadership program may not promote a work life balance which may lead to employees compromising their health or social
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Individuals are adept at relationships and social participation, and throughout life set and achieve high personal standards of their development and learning. 2. Unfair practices in selection of candidates, e.g. through fronting or candidates with relationships with influential people. 3. The leadership program may be inadequate to support the candidates to move into leadership roles or aligned to corporate strategy.

3. There is access to varied and satisfying opportunities for work, personal creativity, and recreation. 4. Non-compliance with regulations such as the BBB-EE, labour Act and Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

Capital Description Sustainability is achieved when: Challenges in Leadership development
Social Any value added to the activities and economic outputs of an organization by human relationships, partnerships and co-operation. 1. There are trusted and accessible systems of governance and justice. 2. Communities and society at large share key positive values and a sense of purpose. 3. The structures and institutions of society promote stewardship of natural resources and development of people. 4. Homes, communities and society at large provide safe, supportive living and working