The Importance Of Teaching Children On Religion

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“I remember the words of a Catholic priest, who said,
'Bring me a child before the
Age of eight and I will make of him a Catholic for life.'
This troubling statement points
Out the unsound method by
Which most of us acquired our faith”
Teaching children about religious perspectives on the world or little “religious fairytales” is brainwashing them one-by-one—two-by-two., and They grow up to believe that they are a certain religion. but When will they realize that they had no choice but to be that religion growing up? When will they question themselves and ask “Am I really a(n) (insert religion here)?” I believe that children should no longer be taught about religion at an early age If they are taught about religion, it should be about every religion (including atheists), and they can choose on their own once they are old enough to understand. What if one day a person you was were walking down the street and this 18 year- old boy started preaching to that person you about God and how “All of God’s children will go to heaven.,” well what if you ask him, “How did you become so close to God” or “Why do you believe in God/ When did you start to believe in God?” if their answer was, “When I was a little kid,” or “I was always taught there was a God.” Children now-a-days have been taught to believe in this or that. Well what if they do not believe in that, or what if they do not want to be a certain religion? That is no longer their choice, and it technically violates the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution “The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says that everyone in the United States has the right to practice his or her own religion, or no religion at all.” There is also two clauses (the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause) which state “The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment prohibits government from encouraging or promoting (“establishing”) religion in any way.” And “The Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment gives you the right to worship or not as you choose.” There are several different votes on the subject “Is teaching children religion brainwashing?” and according to the poles say that 76% of voters say yes it is brainwashing them. One of the posts reads “Yes! Read any modern book about children’s brains and you will find that you are