The importance of team working Essay

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The importance of team working
Within this assignment I will be discussing the importance of team working. I am going to be talking about the trip which was in late September. This took place at an outdoor pursuit centre called Rock and River pursuits. All of the students who attended were placed into teams and set tasks throughout the day which we had to complete for points, it was later decided at the end of the day who had won with the winning team having secured the most points. All throughout the day, me and my team members alternated the role of group leader through the tasks.
To begin with the first task that my team were given was the spiders web, here we were relocated into a woods area of the pursuit centre where we found, between two trees, string that had been set up to look like a larger spiders web. We were then told the instructions of the task by our supervisor. So we had to pass each team member through one hole of the spider’s web without using the same hole twice and all team members had to get to the other side to complete the task. I believe the team worked well through this task efficiently and quickly, this was done through discussion of different ideas we took place before we started the task and we realised that the bigger people had to be passed through first so that they could then carry smaller team mates through once on the other side. As I said before, this task was completed quickly and the team worked really well. In this task I was delegated the role of a team member who passed through some of the smaller team mates, if I or any of the team members were not performing as well as we did the task would not have been as successful as it was. Communication was the key to this task as there had to be a lot of discussion before we even attempted the spider’s web, as I said earlier we reviewed the task and discussed and delegated tasks appropriately. If this did not take place we may not have been able to complete the task to our best ability.
The second task which we took part in was the electric fence, in this activity there were five tyres ranging from sizes small to large, and we had to move all 5 tyres from one pole in the ground, passed the second pole in the ground and onto the third. The bigger tyres were not allowed to be moved on top of the smaller tyres at any point. It was effectively a large game of the tower of Hanoi. With this the team again worked very effectively with the task being completed quickly. This was done through the team leader instructing members on where to go and what to do with each tyre they picked up. It began confusing but once everyone had got the hang of the task it was soon accomplished. My contribution during this activity was only little as I was one who was chosen to move the tyres around the puzzle from