The Importance Of Technology In Society

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Ethics are a part of life that every person will at some point be exposed to and expected to obtain some level of ethics and morality. Technology is also an aspect of the daily lives of the majority of the world and especially the United States. Technology can be positive or negative but it is the responsibility of its user that determines whether it will be positive or negative. The 20th century was arguably the century the brought about the most technological advances across the globe. Ford Motor Company began production of the automobile that would become the first mass-produced vehicle available to the general public. Harley-Davidson is hand downs the most popular brand of motorcycles in the United States, and in the early years of the 20th century; this iconic brand was born. Transportation moved faster than ever before with the technological advances of the internal combustion engine; but worldwide travel really took off with the invention of the airplane. Technology brought about countless changes that have improved the lives of human beings across the globe; medical technology in particular has saved the lives of people that previously would have died. In the early 20th century, influenza (commonly referred to now as “the flu) killed millions of people and today it is known as a common occurrence that is often avoided by a painless shot annually. In the United States it is nearly unheard of for a person to not have a cell phone, home computer, or at the very least a television. Technology plays a huge role in society today and as mentioned previously, its role can either be for the benefit of the user or bring about detrimental affects. Advances within the medical field have contributed to millions of lives saved with cutting edge treatments and radical diagnostic equipment. This is an obvious positive effect that technology has had on society. The Internet is a double-edged sword if there ever was one; it allows instant information on virtually any and all subjects. However, because it encompasses so many topics, there are numerous things that should never be seen. Men across America struggle with pornography and it is easy to see why when a simple click of the button or typing one or two words into a search engine and millions of images are at their fingertips. Communication has benefitted from technological advances, E-mails have replaced mailing letters and faxes, and text messaging has replaced actual phone calls. In some situations, this change has been welcome and very efficient and beneficial; however it has also become a reason why interpersonal communication is lacking. Overall, technological advances in our society have always proven to be beneficial than not, but the users still must be mindful of the negative affects looming of using technology. In a fallen world as it is today, it is easy to see the moral and ethical problems that are so prevalent in society today. The hard part is coming up with a solution to overcome