The Importance Of Technology On Police

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March 2, 2013
AEIS 110

Efficient Assist Every year, a large amount of thrilling games and events are held in different countries, and numerous audiences come from all over the world to watch these big games and events. However, it is laborious for police to check audiences’ information and maintain the safety of the persons who attend these events, and even in daily life, it is a tough mission for police to keep safety of every citizen. Therefore, in this modern world, technology helps police’s work more efficient in diverse situation. Frist, technology can help police to identify audiences promptly. Recently, computers can save innumerable data and recognize audiences immediately. For example, I went to a concert of the most popular singer in my hometown in China, and there were so many fans that I could hardly move. The computer divided audiences to different entrances when we bought tickets, and there was also a unique bar code at the bottom of every ticket, which recorded buyers’ general information. There were some fans who had fake tickets which looked exactly like the real that police could hardly distinguish truth from falsehood by their eyes, but the computer in each entrance could recognize the fake tickets, and the screen showed that the tickets were fake when they scanned their tickets to the computer. Eventually, the police caught them swiftly by the computer’s aid.
In addition, technology can help police to minimize the inaccuracy of work. In this new digital world, there is a kind of camera that can scan the viewer’s face and then send the picture to a computer, and the computer will compare faces in the database to identify who the viewer is. This technology can identify viewers and reduce the errors that police might make. For instance, in every big game, there are countless viewers, and it is arduous for police to check the accuracy of viewers’ information one by one. Besides, if the police examine viewers one by one, it will take a great deal of police, and they will be exhausted so that the accuracy of work will be reduced after a few hours of work. While using computers, police are able to target any potential