The Importance Of The Agricultural Community

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What are our natural resources/agriculture venues in our community? How do we ensure that we use our resources in ways that promote a healthy environment, a strong economy and a vibrant community?

There are many natural resources and agricultural venues in our community like at the Petaluma dump where engineers utilize the community’s trash’s excrements of methane gas. In addition to this, the Petaluma dump makes their own fertilizer, which they sell and use to grown an organic garden. To ensure that the community uses recourses in ways that promotes a healthy environment, a strong economy, and a vibrant community, each individual in a community needs to be responsible for their own waste. They need to be conscious of what they are using, and when they have waste, they need to properly dispose of it.

Pick an aspect of the agricultural community which you didn’t know about and explain its impact on the community.

I was not aware that the dairy and egg products that are often seen in our grocery stores are grown or harvested locally. I was always under the impression that the food I buy from the grocery store was being transported from thousands of miles away. Knowing that the food I consume is from a local and trustworthy source makes me feel more safe about the foods I eat, and I’m sure it does the same for the community.

Give an example of one or more presenters from our day and list the leadership qualities each possesses with examples.

One of the presenters was an engineer who worked at the Petaluma dump, and he explained how Petaluma gets renewable energy that is capable of powering a city like Windsor. This person was patient, intelligent, and hardworking. He worked alongside other engineers to be able to extract energy from