The Importance Of The Air Force Life

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Prompt(self chosen): Tell us about the neighborhood that you grew up in and how it helped shape you into the kind of person you are today.
Where and how a person grows up plays a huge role in how they view and adapt to the world later on in life. While I was growing up, both of my parents were in the Air Force. We were never stationary for long. To the average child, moving around may seem like the ultimate adventure; but to me it was so much more than that. The Air Force life taught me different lessons that I feel better prepared me for life. These lessons include: learning to adapt to new environments, acquiring exceptional communication skills and learning to accept and appreciate different cultures and religions. So, I can definitely say that my upbringing has molded me into who I am today.
Moving from state to state, or even school to school you encounter different types of people and various types of environments. Whether these new environments would be temporary or permanent was somewhat unpredictable with the Air Force. This is how I learned to adapt to each new environment. Not everyone learns to adapt to new environments, but the more I was made to use this skill the easier it became for me. I traveled to Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and many other places. Each place was different, so this skill became very natural to me. Being able to adapt quickly to a new environment makes each transition throughout life that much easier.
Communication is extremely important in many different areas of a person’s life. But, not all situations can be treated the same way. It became imperative to understand how to interact and communicate with many different types of people. This is something I feel was instilled in me being raised in the Air Force. I learned to communicate with friends, teachers, coaches, coworkers and even business managers at an early age. This required me to learn to distinguish between the different situations which I feel is equally important. The Air Force lifestyle taught me to appreciate and accept other cultures and religions. In life, not everyone is going to have the same thoughts, ideas, or