The Importance Of The Public Communication Strategy

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PR communication components can also refer to the management theory because PR is responsible for running the management function. Among those that must be managed by PR is communication. Management starts with planning to pick up a communication strategy. The strategy includes action and communication. Kriyantono (2017) communication management processes can use the media or direct communication. The communication process is often faced with public relations capability to negotiate and compromise. This is done when the public relations will take the decision. Kriyantono (2017) in his research confirms that the great value of communications planning is also found in the Musyawarah Mufakat tradition. This tradition upholds the unity with the …show more content…
Communication strategy is also used as a tool to achieve the goal of success. The communication strategy can be done through the planning and preparation that includes meetings, visits, and dialogue. This step aims to collect or gather data that can be used as the reference materials. In planning can involve stakeholders in any activity of the company. Kim, Krishna (2017) explains that the crisis in the delivery of the organization due to poor public management. The results suggest that a public communication strategy approach begins with recognizing or exploring information about the public as a target. Hidayat (2014), communication strategy in the form of action strategies related to planning communication messages. The communication strategy means planning that was built to set the media or how to deliver communication messages. Tench and Yeomans (as cited in Hidayat 2017) explain that communications planning is part of the communication strategy. Beginning with the planning prior to establishing a communication strategy. The strategy can be determined by the data obtained as a foundation. Normally plans may include analysis of the situation by gathering all the information related to the action …show more content…
The research findings also emphasized by Haque (2017) that ethics in public relations plays an important role in communication. Ethics can bring credibility to the organization so as to gain the public's trust.
The findings on Jakhu Suku function as public relations (PR) is also found in the management of adat attributes. Jakhu Suku is responsible for the public's understanding of the values contained in each of these attributes. The attribute values that emphasize the title from any adat member. The efforts made by Jakhu Suku through regular meetings.
Steps taken by Jakhu Suku reflect management functions that aim to assess public attitudes including internal public namely members of the adat communities. Jakhu Suku step in identifying the needs of the public through audit perception can be used as a foundation and standard in implementing the work plan that begins by collecting data and determining the measuring instrument for the evaluation of the adat activities. The findings of the working standard Jakhu Tribe is also relevant to the standards set by the public relations PR agencies. Neil, Ewing, Smith (2018) explains that corporate public relations boards, global alliances for public relations, communications