The Importance Of Therapy Based On The Cognitive School Of Thought

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Raymond Anaya
Psy201G Section A20

In this essay we will talk about the importance of therapy based on the Cognitive school of thought. We will look at its attributes and how we can use this to help with clinical depression. We will also view personal beliefs in how the therapy will be used.
The school of thought I have chosen is Cognitive. I believe this is the most cohesive school out of them all that both deals with the emotional and scientific study that is necessary in helping people. The definitions of Cognitive studies are to study the way people perceive, remember, think, speak and solve problems. The first characteristic of this study is that the research is based on our mental processes. Using this area of study we can see what processes an individual patient undergoes for a certain process, and also in which way we can study these processes effectively. Secondly due to the nature of cognitive neuroscience, a bi product of the cognitive study, we are also able to look at the biological and brain related attributes that may help lead to solving and treating patients. This is mainly due to the development of MRI’s, and other scanning technology that has been developed. Using neuroscience can also lead us to see behavioral neuroscience as well. This can help us understand the correlation between our brain functions and possible injuries that develop our illnesses and also can lead to scientific reasoning behind a certain issue. This school of thought would be the best to introduce to help with clinical depression due to the use of scientific and medically evaluating the patient. Being that the causes of this can be social, environmental, and biochemical. In depression personally I find the lack of finding the deep rooted cause or attributing to a major hormonal and chemical imbalance an issue. Cognitive therapy can help this. Due to clinical depression we find they are highly suicidal, and often almost require some type of therapy besides medication. With this in mind, cognitive study can help by introducing studies and charts following a person’s progression. We can also track the symptoms causes and turn that into treatment as well. Keeping these in mind, treatments that could be administered due to the scientific nature of cognition is scientific status examination that can help determine the level of depression. Through these tests we can administer medications and also receive the appropriate psychotherapy, especially because the situation varies so greatly from case to case. . A person practicing cognitive therapy will take a more scientific approach and choose an analytical approach that may help unmask certain problems we have not seen or help develop insight. Also, due to the fact that neuroscience is biological, we may be able to find a proper medication treatment due to the tests of serotonin and dopamine levels to determine the level of treatment necessary being that these are the most attributed causes . Although the other schools of thought are also valid in treating this depression, this seems to be the most comprehensive choice. In addition being that this also focuses on internal states such as belief