The Importance Of Tourism Promotions

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So, we all know that the T.P.B. or Tourism Promotions Board is the one responsible for helping the MICE Industry’s promotion locally and internationally. The counter part of CLIA in Cruise Industry.
Not just responsible for promoting the industry, as one of its major tasks, the TPB also helps MICE Industry when it comes to services and business solutions. Here are the following ranges that TPB uses in order to offer experience and expertise to convention, meeting planners and incentive travel organizers.
First is the sales and promotions:
So, how does TPB help MICE Industry with its sales and promotions? 1. Aggressive Philippine participation in MICE-specific international trade shows and expositions. Like for example: Some of the international trade fairs are held annually and are visited by trade buyers worldwide (ART Manila, e-services Philippines, Fashionation, Health and Wellness, International Food Exhibition, Manila Fame International, Philippine International Eco Show. The purpose of this participation is to position the country and sustains its presence in major markets. Also to promote the international trade fairs held in the Philippines. 2. The conduct of sales missions abroad. Firstly, what is a mission statement? This is meant to explain your company’s sales goals and vision via a small amount of content. Writing a good sales mission statement involves brainstorming, involving those connected to your business, carefully considering your customers, and taking time with word selection so that you choose exciting, interesting words that make readers take notice. Crafting a sales mission statement often involves answering questions about why you are in business, who your customers are, and how you would like potential and current customers to see you. You may also answer questions regarding things that make your business stand out from the competition and the types of products and services you provide. 3. Lastly in the sales and promotions is the organization of regular MICE Buyer Invitational Programs. One example is the “I travel, I explore” (initiated by the DOT and the TPB ) which will provide local MICE Buyers in the MICE Mart. Here, the Philippines hosted more than 100 foreign buyers from all over the world during july 5-11 2009.
Among the well-screened international buyers are incentive houses, destination management companies, association executives, meeting planners and congress/exhibition organizers.
Second is the Bid Preparation:
How does TPB help in the bid preparation of each MICE sector? 1. First is to be able to compete with the other venues or