The Importance Of Transition And Early Childhood Issue

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Assignment 2: Investigation of and early childhood issue
Transition and school readiness are complex issues which have a major impact on children’s holistic development. How well this process is facilitated and how practitioners view children’s school readiness will shape and influence their future learning. Early experiences during the transition period from early childhood settings to more structured and formal learning environments have implications for children’s life trajectories and their ability to become adjusted citizens as individuals and well-functioning members of society. Early childhood practitioners play a critical role in establishing strong foundations for the successful transition between environments.
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As a result, this often leads to the assumption by teachers that children are not capable, which then unintentionally sets them up for failure. (Bochner & Freeman, 2008, p. 1) This obvious breakdown of communication between the teacher and the families highlights the importance of effective reciprocal partnerships.

2.1. How the literature has informed our position
The readings reiterate our belief that attitudes, values, experiences, professional knowledge and culture are significant factors in how well early childhood and school systems support the process of transition for children and families. It is also necessary for society to embrace the early years in order to achieve best outcomes for young children. We recognise the enormous impact unsuccessful transition can have on children’s life trajectories. In addition, the readings have consolidated our view that children need to enter school with a history of learning behind them and a readiness to continue learning (Centre for Community Child Health, 2008, p. 2). Therefore, we consider it a crucial issue to early childhood professionals and the wider early childhood community.

3. Links to Constructions of Childhood, Wellbeing and Ethics
In assignment 1, a number of links to other early childhood issues were already investigated and it was affirmed that there are strong links between constructions of childhood,