The Importance Of Trust In The Fifth Wave

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The novel ‘The Fifth Wave’ has shown me how trust is essential to humanity. Cassie is a survivor of the five ‘waves’ of destruction and death that the alien invasion has brought to earth. The “Others” is the name they have called the aliens that have invaded. The first wave was an electromagnetic pulse that cut out all technology and electricity The second wave is a literal tsunami wave that wipes out all coastal cities all over the world, this then resulted in earthquakes. The third wave is a plague carried by birds which wipes out 97% of the remaining human population. The fourth wave is when the “Others” arrive and begin to appear among the humans. The fifth wave is trained child soldiers that kill off any people that haven't already been killed by the other waves. Cassies parents have been …show more content…
If you have trouble with trusting people then being able to keep friendships and relationships will be very hard, Even in places such as school and work you need to be able to trust people such as teachers, your boss, workmates and classmates. Having no trust in anyone will become a constant battle against paranoia. You will constantly be checking, following through and wanting to do things yourself because you don’t trust that the other people will do them. This will create so much extra work and stress for yourself. In ‘The Fifth Wave’ the lack of trust has negatively affected the world. This is because humans cannot tell whether an “Other” is a human or actually one of the aliens because of this they cannot help but not trust anyone. An example of this would be when Cassie goes into a gas station and finds a wounded soldier. She kills him after mistaking his crucifix for a gun. This complete lack of trust has meant Cassie has become paranoid around any person, because of this she ends up taking someone's