The Importance Of University Education

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Reading review 1:
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- the thesis
- the main supporting points in the reading;
- a reflective and critical comment on the reading.

In this reading Grant argues that even though the discourse of university education claims to develop the intrinsic potential of its students. There is also another view that sees the university as a disciplinary block that, arbitrarily and making use of its many relations of power creates a submissive and useful student subject.
By good or docile student/subjects Grants means the ones who adopt the many practices, beliefs and rhetoric of the institution, they are malleable and obedient.

The students discipline themselves longing to become a “good student “ and in turn benefit with the rewards that the institution will given them in return to their efforts, namely a degree.
“The technologies of the self, function to create a kind of identity, the one of the good student with a conscience which is informed/formed in particular ways resulting in the shaping of “appropriate” needs and desires: the desire to know, to be wise, the desire to please, the desire to be successful”.


University as a disciplinary block, which produces subjected and practised bodies, docile bodies.

( New way to understand the relationship between the university and its students-subjects)

The student-subjects are seen to be normalised and disciplined both by the dominative tendencies of the institution and the ways which the institution persuades its students to work on themselves, apparently for their own good.

- the main supporting points in the reading; this view is supported with reference to student stories, which show how students are