The Importance Of Vietnam Education

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In today modern’s world, no one can deny the important role of education to young generation who is brimful of energy and take a considerable responsibility of the world’s future. Although Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, the quality of student is decreasing in alarming level. The education system has to face with many challenges and serious problems such as: ineffective structure, pragmatic education system, backward equipment and shortage of well-qualified teachers. Therefore, if Vietnam wants to maintain the economic growth rate and have well-qualified human resources for future, reforming and developing the Vietnam domestic education system is the most essential initiative
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For instance, it is not necessary for a fashion designer to study derivative and chemical reaction or it is not necessary for an engineer to study how to analyze a Literature poem. Vietnamese students have to study all of the knowledge although they know that it is of no use for their future. In addition, teaching method requires students to memorize knowledge mechanically. “Most of teachers in Vietnam apply the backward and traditional teaching methods in which the instructor is the primary speaker and the student is the primary listener. This method causes boredom in learners and leads to a passive study tendency” (Essays, 2013). Therefore, students tend to learn by heart the knowledge like a parrot to pass the exam but actually they hardly understand anything. As a result, they scarcely improve critical thinking, creative thinking. self-learning, teamwork and self-orientated skill in school. "We have to be honest and admit that if fully assessed, Vietnamese students' capacity is still poor," Nguyen Vinh Hien (AFP, 2015). Moreover, Vietnam education program is not synchronized strongly with practice, too heavy …show more content…
Nowadays, especially in the mountainous, remote and isolated areas of Vietnam, schools have not been built so far. Some Vietnamese students have to take a long walk to go to school every day. For example, at Trong Hoa commune, Minh Hoa district, “dozens of young children from grade 1 to grade 5 swim twice a day across the river in order to get to school. In order to keep the clothes and books from getting wet, the students put them in large plastic bags and tightly sealed while crossing the river almost naked” (Kaushik , 2013). Moreover, some classes are excessively dark and dank. Most Vietnamese schools barely have enough technology devices, qualified laboratories, playgrounds, libraries, or even essential equipment such as: toilet, desks, fans for students. For instance, ” More than 200 students at Loc Bao Primary School in Bao Lam District have used makeshift open-air toilets in the school's backyard for more than seven years. At break time, teachers go back home to use their toilets; generally a 6-8km roundtrip”. (Lam Dong, 2015) Moreover, the suburb areas are always lack of well-qualified teachers. Classes are always in the state of overloaded and filter with more than 50 students per class which is making increase pressure of teachers. However, these schools nearly never receive any supports from the