The Importance Of Zombies In America

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Throughout the past few decades zombie-themed entertainment has grown from a small subculture movement to a very popular topic on the internet and television. In addition to blockbuster zombie movies, zombie fans now enjoy zombie stores, zombie dotcoms, award-winning “Walking Dead” television shows, video games like Black Ops2, and Dead Island. Zombies are becoming more popular across the world because some people argue that a zombie Apocalypse is near.
Zombies are determined, tough, and frightening. A zombie has lost any sense of reasoning and is driven completely by instincts. One instinct we all know from “Dead Island” is their urge to feed. Interestingly, while zombies consume flesh, they don’t require it for their survival. Due to their diet, the body of a zombie begins to over-produce stomach acids in order to dissolve the meat quicker. This is what cause zombies to commonly vomit acid. Vomiting has become a proficient attack from the zombies even though it’s not intended to even be an attack. It’s simply a bodily function according to the makers of the video game Dead Island.
The Miami "Zombie" attack, in which a man attacked and gnawed off the face of a homeless man shocked the nation not only for its gruesomeness, but also because of the sheer inexplicable nature of the attack. It happened between the months of May and June of 2012. The man who attacked the homeless man was on a drug called “Bath salts” which contains MDPV which makes your body hot, and gets people high as hell. After the attack on the homeless man, weeks after Bath salts were illegal in the stat of Florida. In addition, a bus driver in China during the same time period June of 2012 attacked a woman by blocking his bus in front of her car then he got out the bus climb on top of her car and started beating it. She then got out of her car because she panicked that’s when the bus driver began attacked her and began chewing her face. Some argued that the bus driver was on Bath salts during the attack but when they tested him it came up negative. There are no logical explanations on why “Zombie attacks” are occurring so often.
There are a few things people love more than lining up zombies, blowing their heads off, and racking up more points than they know what to do with on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Zombie mode offers three different ways to survive the zombie apocalypse. Unravel the mysteries of a dying Earth in Transit, fight endless waves of zombies in Survival mode, or compete in the new Grief mode. In transit mode