The Importance of Communication in the Business World Essay

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The Importance of Communication in the Business World
The Importance of a positive organizational culture is communication. Creating a positive culture is not an easy task. Companies today need to develop feedback mechanisms to provide a reality check on management’s beliefs about the perception of its employees. In this paper, I will examine the importance of communication in the business world and some of the ways in which companies can improve their communication skills. I will also discuss how communication barriers led to the loss of my past job as a bank teller and how breaking these communication barriers could have prevented the loss of my job.
Communication is very important when trying to create a positive and effective work
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I never really realized that my personal issues were affecting not only myself but my co-workers.
I think in my situation if I had had a little more knowledge of my emotional intelligence maybe I would have been aware of my behavior and how it was affecting others in my work environment. “Emotional intelligence describes the ability of an individual to be sensitive to and understanding of the emotions of others and to manage his or her own emotions and impulses. Individuals vary in their level of emotional intelligence, and this can affect their ability to direct others and build cooperative teams” (Hybels, S., Weaver, R.L., 2007, pg. 156). Overall I don’t think I really knew how to deal with my own feelings therefore it was hard for me to be sensitive to my co-workers feelings.
A week after my 90 day evaluation my ex-husband and I reconciled. Reconciling my personal problems greatly improved my behavior at work and my overall job performance. However, I still had several issues with my head teller. Instead of her coming to me when she thought I was doing something wrong she would talk about my issues with other co-workers which in my opinion was very unprofessional. I tried to approach her about this issue and she once again said that I was just being defensive and I needed to work on my behavior.
I set up a