The Important Role Of Imperialism In The 19th Century

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Imperialism is an important part of history and it played an important role in the nineteenth century. It was mainly empowered by the creation of many new inventions, discoveries and innovations around the world. New discoveries and changes in technology, medicine and science helped the countries during imperialism in order to obtain certain lands. Many of these discoveries, innovations and inventions have improved the way we live our lives, changed the way we have looked at something or even saved our lives. If it were not for any advances in technology, the Age of Imperialism could not be where it was now and we would not be able to improve, change or save our lives. One way that innovations, discoveries and inventions powered the Age of Imperialism was by the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was two separate time periods in the 1760s to around the 1840s and from around the 1840s to the late 1900s; both time periods involved the creation of new inventions to improve lives and help the Age of Imperialism. A major approach that had helped the Age of Imperialism during the Industrial Revolution was improvements and new types of …show more content…
A major invention that helped power the Age of Imperialism was vaccinations. The vaccinations helped cure common yet deadly diseases, such as smallpox and rabies during the Europeans’ imperialism of Africa. Another invention that helped power the Age of Imperialism was the invention of the internal combustion engine. This invention improved transportation and it later paved way for new types of transportation in the twentieth century, such as the airplane and the automobile. The final invention that helped power the Age of Imperialism was the creation of anesthesia for surgery and x-rays (Doc C). All of these inventions are very important as they helped improve our transportation and saved our