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The Incas The Incas were Native Americans from South America. The Incas were very creative in using their resources to make their daily lives easier. The Incas would use anything they could find to help them in their daily lives. The Incas ruled the largest and richest empire of all time. The empire covered all of modern-day
Peru, as well as Ecuador, northwest Argentina, Columbia, northern Chile, and southern Bolivia. The empire was 2500 miles long from top to bottom and was bigger than modern day Peru. The emperor of the Inca Empire ruled their land through a very complex political system. The emperor would rule over the military forces and then the military forces would take leadership of smaller regions. After the Spanish conquest, the emperor had to rule all of the empire all by himself.
The Incas secretly divided themselves into tribes, so the emperor would not have as much work to do.
There were eventually thirty one tribes. The main belief of the Incas was the sun god. The sun god’s name was Inti. Inti was believed to be the son of Viracocha. The sun was perhaps the most important aspect the Inca’s life because it provided warmth and light. Inti was also known as the Giver of all Life. He was worshiped by all people who relied on the sun. Although he was the second most worshipped god after Viracocha, his father, he received the greatest number of offerings. The emperor, as ruler of the people, claimed divine and direct descent from the Sun; he was the living son of Inti. They believed the sun god made the whole world and everything in it. The sun was used on many flags including Argentina and Uruguay.The symbol of the sun god was the emperor, who the Incas believed to descend from the sun. Almost all of the Incas worked on a farm or for a farmer to provide food for their families. The reason most of the Incas worked on a farm was because there was really good soil in the Inca Empire, so they took advantage of the good soil. The only tools the Incas would use were a simple hoe and a knife.
The farmers would grow most of the food for their families and neighbors. Most of the crops that were grown were quinoa, maize, peanuts, beans, and squash. The Incas would also raise animals for meat, milk, and cheese. The Inca’s cities were laid out very well organized as all of the buildings were in a grid formation.
All cities had to have a city plaza for meetings. Plazas were