The Increasing Number Of People And The Unbalanced Distribution Of Food Force Food Security Into A Worse Situation Essay

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The increasing number of people and the unbalanced distribution of food force food security into a worse situation. As stated by United Nations in the Millennium Development Goals of 2000-2005, reducing hunger and poverty by 50 percentage by 2015 is the main target we have to accomplish. Africa, with its fragile environment, huge pressure of overpopulation and less developed economics, is still suffering food shortage. For the purpose of combating hunger, global food security actors have made much effort. International organizations, such as Food and Agriculture Organization, World Food Program, and countries both play a vital role in helping Africa counter with starvation. Food aid is the crucial way they used to help food deficit countries. US, European Union and China are the main food aid donors. Among recipient countries, Ethiopia almost receives the most food aid (Mousseau, 2005:14). However, instead of making progress, data shows that the situation in Ethiopia is getting worse (Devereux, 2000:9). With the continual food aid, it seems that Ethiopia gradually falls into the vicious circle and depends on food aid rather than develop domestic agriculture to eliminate hunger. Hence, Ethiopia is an important case study for the food aid in Africa.

The case of Ethiopia is of great importance for understanding the importance of food security in international politics and identifying problems of food aid. This is necessary for both individuals and independent state to achieve food security. For individuals, access to sufficient amount of food is the fundamental human rights. For countries, if they rely on foreign countries to