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Elizabeth Escobedo,
World History Period 3 The London Times
What a roller coaster it has been! Recently everyone has been going through these crazy changes. We are at the end of a amazing period of time named “The Industrial Revolution”. This has been a period of time in with the locomotive has came to be known and we have used many other great inventions like the cotton gin to facilitate our lifes. We have also learned how better use our natural resources like coal and others to fuel and power our new inventions. I think the whole industialization has just been positive for everybody. Well I hope we can all agree that this period of time brought some positive effects to the country. First of all it had a great impact on the economy, giving a lot of people jobs and that is great. It also helped by creating a lot of inventions which we will probably use even in 2013 if we are alive. The cotton gin for example helps us greatly by quickly and easily separating cotton fibers from their seeds, allowing for much greater productivity than manual cotton separation. This amazing invention was created by Eli Whitney. Even if this seems like such a great period of time, there are some negative sides. For example all these poor kids who have to work to keep their families fed. The parents im sure wished that their kids could go to school and become something more than they are but they need the money and have to do what they need to stay alive. I feel bad for these kids for example a few years ago we would have kids that delivered this newspaper and they would be so underpaid I would of felt so guilty to be the owner of this company doing that. I heard that once a child fell asleep on the job and boy did he get it he got more work for the same pay and he couldn’t quit because he needed the money. Well I think there are so many ways we could have avoided this negative effect of child labor. First they should have not