The Influence Of Harvard Students

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Students believe that grades judges how successful you will be because that’s what societal value had depicted and there has been research related to that the better an individual does in school the higher societal value the individuals has. When an individual does well in school, the individual is able to apply the learning habits and time management skills, which are vital to success. Even though the students know it is immoral to cheat they choose to do so to keep up with their peers. They choose to cheat so they are not bested by their peers. If their peers do better than them, then their peers will get a better job, there for having higher societal value. The better the job an individual had the more money the individual had to spend on luxurious stuff that shows the individual had economic power.

Harvard students have an image to protect. That image is that they go to Harvard and they are willing to bend their morals to maintain that image. The dean also lied about her academic qualification to get her job at the one of the most Prestigist School in America. They comprise their inner selves to receive societal value. Societal value to these Harvard students is important because they themselves are part of society and will contribute to society as a whole. The students will have high paying jobs and there for they will spend more money which will help the economy. The value would have a huge impact on their day to day decision, as well as their day to day relationships. By receiving societal value they gain economic power and grant status, and that status puts them into a certain place within the capitalist economy. Our economy is a capitalist economy because the more economic power that is created, the higher amount of social value obtained.

The author is saying that to be successful you must go to a good school and get an education. But there are people in the world that dropped out of college and are more economically successful than 99% of Harvard students. Take Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, and Michael Jordan for example. They are some of the most celebrated icons in the world. They have all failed to get where they are today. Steve Jobs was kicked out of his own company. Bill Gates was offered to work on the start-up of the internet but declined, which in my opinion is a huge failure. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. Abraham Lincoln lost his job after being defeated for state legislature. So all these people have failed and