The Influence Of Jesus In The Gospel Of Matthew

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The Gospel of Matthew is believed to be written by a Jewish scribe who had obtained knowledge of Palestine and Jewish customs. These writings are believed to have been done around the 80s. Matthew may have used sources such as Aramaic, Mark’s Gospel, and Q. Matthew had sources based on Jesus that he similarly shared with Luke’s Gospel, these two were very much alike. During the time of Matthews Gospel, Jews and Christians were not getting along with each other. After the Temple in Jerusalem had been destroyed, many Jewish people changed into Christians. Matthew targets the Jew/Christian readers to tell them that Jesus is indeed the Emmanuel, the Messiah they had been promised. Matthew had split his Gospel into five books; in addition, the infancy and Passion. …show more content…
He compares the way that Moses had brought about the laws to the people just like Jesus had done. In Matthew's Gospel, he focuses around how great Jesus truly is along with his teachings. In Matthew 5-7, this includes some of Jesus' best teachings where he preached about the "Kingdom of God/Kingdom of Heaven". Matthew's sermons continue; for instance, instructing the Apostles, parables, being faithful servants to the Lord, and the coming of God's reign. Matthew works towards giving Jesus the portrait of fulfilling God's promises to his people. In the end, Jesus instructs the disciples to go throughout the Earth and spread his teachings of