The Influence of Religion on Culture Essay

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Beliefs in all Cultures In many cultures, the origin of how that culture started share many characteristics of other cultures. Some of these include many archetypes that are the same and common beliefs. Although they share many of the same beliefs, there are some differences in these beliefs that set the cultures apart. Differences include how each God thought about things and how they acted when put through the same situations. All three of these books are very closely related in the way of their origins. All of these cultures believe in some sense of a supernatural power, someone who is more than human. In the Qur’an, they believe in Allah, a god that created the world and helps those who need it. In Genesis, they believe in an all-powerful one god, this is a god who forgives those who have sinned and also created man and woman. Finally, in Gilgamesh, they believe in many God and finally, Gilgamesh. All three of these cultures believe that the gods are there to help them and that they will always be there if needed. Also, in writings such as Genesis and Gilgamesh, there are many archetypes that are the same. Some of these include a giant tree that connects Heaven and Earth. In Genesis, that tree is the giant tree in the middle of the Garden of Eve, and in Gilgamesh it is Humbaba’s forest. Also, is the similarity of a world created of opposites. In the Qur’an it is showing all of the differences that Allah has made for his followers. This includes, “Did he not find you an orphan and give you shelter? Did he not find you in error and guide you? Did he not find you poor and enrich you?”(Daylight 80). All of these things show how opposite things can be made. Also following this pattern is from Genesis when it is explaining how god made things together and for each item created he made an opposite of it. These opposites include; day/night, sky/water, animals/plants, land/sea, and the sun/moon (Genesis 1-3 38-39). However, even though the three beliefs of origins are the same, there are also many differences in them to make them each separate. To start with, in the Qur’an it is stated that there is and will only ever be one god, Allah. No one else is to help him and that Muhammed, who is…