The Influence Of Teamwork On The Apollo 11 Mission

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Teamwork was the most important part of the Apollo 11 mission. Without it, it would have been less likely for it to have become a success. Communication, preparation, and the team effort to make sure the rocket ship was as safe as possible are all variations of efforts made possible by teamwork. Before the journey, the team made sure the astronauts were fed and well trained. This preparation takes multiple people to help train the astronauts and supply them with the necessary equipment and space suits. A large team of people joined together to communicate with the astronauts and to guide the astronauts through out their journey. Teamwork was incorporated in the take off, landing, and returning home to earth with the power of computer technology and radio systems. …show more content…
This was a huge phenomenon and accomplishment for America. I believe that in today‘s modern society, America could use it‘s advancement of technology to do something that would expand the knowledge of society even further than what we already know. I would like for NASA to approve or disapprove of the existence of extraterrestrial life in our galaxy. It is something that people have been wondering for thousands of years, and I believe that we have the technology and power to find out if there really is life outside of earth. It would take lots of teamwork; research, lab work, space conduct, and analyzations to alert the public. It is a far stretched idea, but it would be extremely interesting to know the truth. My personal belief is that there is a possibility that NASA already has the answer, but is refusing to release it to the public. I would like to know for sure if humanity is not the only form of life in the universe, and the final answer could either prove my theory untrue, or it could be true, and change the way we look at the world and the