The Inner Circle Character Analysis

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Analysis of two different worlds.
What’s the damage when two different worlds collide? The Inner Circle by Gary Crew is a story relevant to teenagers today. This novel shows the story of two boys, Tony Landon and Joe Carney, that both have very real problems. This essay analyses how the novel tells the story of two boys searching for their identity, overcoming hardships, and building relationships. This essay reviews themes, character, binary oppositions, and narration style.
Themes are what make a story, and the theme relationship makes this one. The novel uses relationship importance of it, how it affects not only you, but the people around you. The main friendship is Tony’s and Joe’s. Their relationship helps them face up to things that are actually happening. This is shown when Joe helps Tony relies that he actually is hurting from his parents’ divorce, and that it’s okay, leading Tony to make an attempt to
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Tony is a tall blonde, tall, tan guy, refers to himself as ‘Tony the man’. His parents’ divorced when he was eight, his mother (Angie) moved on to her boss. After the divorce he closed himself of from the world. Joe is a strong built aboriginal who loves his family, he often assumes things about Caucasians that they all care about colour and have better lives. The effect of having these characters together is the major difference between them. Whether it is colour, money or family life, it really shows how two lives can be so different.
A binary opposition in the novel is happy family and broken family. A binary opposition is two opposites having something linking them. This opposition is seen when Tony is running off somewhere, none of his ‘family’ really notice, or care. When Joe leaves, his family are calling, sending letters and urging him to visit. The effect of having this feature in the novel is that sometimes things don’t seem as good or bad when it compared to its binary