The Interaction and Conflicts between the English and Native Americans Essay

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Ryan Smith
AP U.S. History
The Interaction and Conflicts between English and Native Americans When the English settlers started making their trip to the New World, they were expecting to be the only ones arriving to the land. Instead, they encountered with Native Americans that were already settled there. In the beginning, the Native Americans accepted the English settlers and welcomed them to their survival skills. Not long after they started living together, both of their religions clashed and diseases soon broke out between the two. The Native Americans became angry at the English settlers and no longer wanted to live nor work with the settlers. When the English arrived to the New World, they brought a variety of things that made an impact such as; land, cultural differences, and diseases. When the English arrived to the Natives land, there were some conflicts arising between them. The Native Americans did not officially own the land and were decisional on living off the nature. They would use the nature as hunting and farming most of the land, and then eventually move to find different land, in order to not destroy the fertile nutrients. However, the English just wanted to claim the land. A person is well known in England by how much land he or she owned. Therefore, the English settlers wanted to claim as much land as possible for that gain of respect. After the English had gotten to this point, the Native Americans and them did not get along well. A similar comparison, between the cultures of the English and Native Americans, could be considered a two way street. Clothing is a great difference. The English wore clothes that were common to European wear. On the other hand, Native Americans wore furs from hunted animals. The Native Americans did not wear much clothing, compared to the English covering up completely. Most of the settlers were considered to be Christian. However, the Native Americans would have their own practice and varied from monotheistic, polytheistic, henotheistic, and animistic. Diseases between the Native Americans and the English became very unpreventable. When the English came to the New World, they accidently brought diseases that they had no knowledge of.…