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The internet is an international computer network. It allows the general public to search for information and communicate with each other through the use of emails and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) programs such as Skype. In its early stages, the internet was very slow and required you to use a dial up connection which would not allow you to use the phone at the same time. Now, with the advancement of technology, we have fast internet that can even be used wirelessly without the need for dial up at all. Thanks to the high speeds of the modern day internet, we can download and upload things faster; we can have stable video chats with loved ones, and search for information much faster than we can manually. Before the internet, if we wanted to know the definition of a word, we had to spend time looking through a dictionary. Now, there are websites dedicated specifically to giving you the definitions of whatever words you type into its search bar. It also brings families and friends, who are long distances away from each other, together. Formerly, we had to write letters or call our loved ones on the phone in order to communicate with them. Now, at this moment, thanks to email and programs such as Skype, we can instantly contact our loved ones, and it is much more personal as well because of Skype’s capability for video chatting.
Nowadays, the internet can be encountered everywhere you go as long as you have a device with internet access. It can be accessed on the road, in a coffee shop, at home. It is so widely accessible from so many different places. The internet has become a necessity for many people which has led to them requiring that it be with them wherever they go. This has led to companies inventing new ways to access the internet. For example, the television used to be only for watching television shows. Today, it has many more uses due to it being able to access the internet. Companies have added applications that you can download onto the television which allow you to do a multitude of actions, such as browsing the internet, playing movies from Netflix, or chatting through Skype. Telephones, the mobile version being cell phones, now also have the capability to access the internet and use applications. The cell phone’s internet access combined with its mobility means that one can use the internet to search, browse, communicate, and play wherever and whenever they want granted that they have phone service.
The internet itself is a sign of modern technology and its advancement. When you think of the internet, you will most likely think of the different ways to access it. These consist of the different devices used to access the internet. Most forms of modern technology, such as phones, televisions, cars, and computers have access to the internet. As technology advances, the internet becomes faster and more accessible. With the rising need for the ability to access the internet, new devices begin to surface which can be able to access the internet and be able to handle its high speeds, so in a way the creation of the internet has enabled the advancement of many pieces of technology. Due to the internet becoming a necessity for many people and it being readily accessible wherever one goes, it has become a central part of American culture.
By using Saussure’s methods, we can look at the different words that are usually associated with the internet, and begin to develop our own understanding of it. There are many words that are instantly recognized and known to be part of the internet and there are usually many stereotypes associated with the internet, but most of them are just misunderstandings. Words do not get their meanings unless there are other words to compare it to, so it is only natural that we develop these misunderstandings. When someone thinks of the word “internet” they usually envision someone on the computer looking at videos, playing videogames, searching Google, or posting on…