The Internet Essay

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The technological change that has had the most effect on this country is the internet. It allows you to stay connected with family and friends through social media. It can be used to gain knowledge and information that would otherwise not be available. In addition, it allows you to shop for consumer good from the comfort of your home.

Social media can help you stay connected with family and friends, such as Skype or Facebook. Skype can give a soldier a chance to see his family while on duty. So grandparents can Skype their grandson, if they can figure out what the circle with the line in it does. Facebook give people a chance to exchange ideas, beliefs, as well as less important things like pictures of their dinner.

Anyone with a computer and internet can access an array of information that can be anything from “how to” videos to Online college classes. The popular website “Youtube” can give you a barrage of information which can include, how to instructionals on various subjects such as cooking, FIY (fix it yourself), and DIY (do it yourself). Google is another online service that can help you with directions to anywhere you going by using google maps. Google search engine is an effective tool to efficiently look up information such as movie times or researching reputable Doctors.

The convenience of online shopping allows you to price check and compare products without having to drive from store to store. It gives you the ability to shop with ease and gives the