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The internet is very effective as it’s doesn’t cost much to use and available 24/7, 365 days a year. The manager in the interview declared that “the internet is the best way to promote”. From my promotion questionnaire it was clear that the internet was the most popular promotional method to use for The Star Café as 50% of the respondents said that would be the promotion method The Star Café should use. Also more than 50% said that would be where they would look for promotion of The Star Café. Other café do use the internet to promote, in my opinion when I compare they do a lot more. This is why I believe they need to do more to promote on the internet to match their competitors. In terms of cost this is a perfect means of promotion as it’s a reasonable priced and perfect for The Star Café objectives “to raise awareness”. In terms of AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) the internet is very effective as it attract the attention of the customer. But they could raise customer interest by focusing on and demonstrating advantages and benefits to coming to The Star Café. Following on from this point they could do more to convince customers that they want and desire the product and service that will satisfy their needs. They could also do more to attracted customers by leading them towards taking action and/or purchasing from their café an increasing their profits.
Pavement signs are another way The Star Café promotes and is really effective as it’s free and a brilliant way to express promotion offers. Even the manager clearly stated “it’s perfect for small businesses to use”. It was clear that the respondent’s most popular way to find out about The Star Café was walking past and seeing the pavement sign. In fact 50% of respondents stated this was how they found out about the café. This shows that this is the most popular form of promotion from my respondents. This form of promotion is very popular with other cafés. However if The Star Café support a USP and cheaper prices upon the pavement sign unlike their competitor, this will make head way for more customers. The objective of pavement signs is to “display their current promotional offers”. The position of AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) in respect to pavement signs is very effective as it attract the attention of the customer off the street into the café. I believe if The Star Café produce more and more consistent offers, the customers will be interested in…