The Intricacies of Housing Design Essay

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Housing Design
Housing design is a planned out, residential creation developed by the resider or a chosen designer. We categorized house design into five groups, exterior, interior, mechanical, architectural, and environmental design. All together, these components put together a beautiful, humble abode.
Exterior design is the appearance of the outside of a house, which can include landscape, water features, irrigation, different amenities, and even color and texture. Typically an exterior designer first has to pick a style to go with the house, being that there are many to chose from, and then match everything else to the particular style. Each style has its own special feature that makes it specific to a certain theme; for example a French styled house is known to have steeply pitched roofs, stucco walls and narrow windows, while a Victorian styled house is romantic themed and distinctive for having a lot of detail, patterns, colors and textures. Using a certain style for your home can then tell you what you need to do for the other aspects that make up what exterior design is. Interior design is the layout and furniture placement inside of a home. It also includes the materials used inside the home, personal art, and structural additions made by the resident. Most of the photos featured in the collage have highly personalized art and even custom structural design. This allows for a more personal feel to the interior of the home. Many of my photos include high ceiling and open-air layouts I feel that these layouts are some of the best when it comes to providing natural light in the home. In addition to the natural light many of the homes feature natural shapes such as arches in their structure, which adds to the natural feel of the homes. The overall interior design of homes is made up by the two elements of personal art and structural features, which come together to make a house become a person’s home. Mechanical design applies the principles of science relating to design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. This type of design involves more complicated work due to the fact that it must be built within the walls or underground. Extremely thought out design and mastery of the mechanics is the only way to succeed in this type of design. The purpose of mechanical engineering in residential houses is to improve living conditions. For example, air ventilation. Without air conditioning throughout house in some environments, it is almost impossible to survive. Whether it be heating systems, or air conditioning, it allows for a much easier lifestyle. Most mechanical design is made from metals. Metals are used in 95% of all engineering design. They help shape the engineering world, while adding diversity. Mechanics in housing design adds structure. Without mechanical design, a house would not nearly be as convenient.
Architectural Design is the creation of a blueprint through multiple steps of design including brainstorming, sketching, and ultimately rendering. The blueprint then leads to the creation of an object, in this case being a house. The steps may take different lengths of time depending on what the…