The Intricate Process of Writing Essay

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The writing process is an important part when to come to your writing academically or even professionally especially when you have any writing project you must do, it is an important factor to the project itself. When it comes to your writing projects, I believe it requires for you to be known and familiar on the writing process when you have a writing project to do, so things will not get too complicated for you while you are working on your project. Everybody has to start from somewhere to get the topic from and work their way from there to put the project into motion and follow the writing process from step to step. I have chosen the topic two methods of losing weight, I had chosen his particular topic because I can relate to it from my own personal experience that I had with weight loss. I believe from my past where times got hard for me to how I had come from stop gaining weight to losing weight thought I could do it on my own, but did not work out the way I thought it would then I had got the proper guidance from my older brother and from there he helped me to eat healthier and get my body into the shape it is now. So, I believe that I can help out those whoever were to read it to know that I understand where they are coming from and how hard it has been trying to do the best that you can to loss the weight and I would like to write about ways of them to help themselves out into losing weight and becoming more health and can be proud of doing it along the way and see