The Invisable Things I Carry Essay

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Invisible Things I Carry The invisible things I carry are both good and bad. I carry with me joy and regret, pain and hope, and above all responsibility. At times I can forget why I’m joyful or sad but my responsibilities never go away. My life is filled with regret. Regret about saying something to someone that was mean or unkind and not being able to take it back or be forgiven. Mostly I’ve regret for the things I didn’t say and didn’t do, whether it was sticking up for someone or saying something meaningful in an argument that would have changed its course. I regret letting people and opportunities slip through my fingers, because without them I am so much less of a person myself. Joy is something experienced by all yet everyone’s reasons for being joyful are different. The reasons I have joy are because of my friends, family, and lifestyle I currently have. My friends and family love me and without them I would have nothing to fuel my fire. They make me laugh and enjoy living my life. I get to go to school and learn. I have a job where I make money. I have food and a roof over my head. I’m healthy and provided for. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I carry pain with me from past incidents. I carry the pain of death and disease from my friends, family members and the world around me. I have the pain of past relationships with ex-friends and ex-boyfriends; the heartbreak of ego and self-confidence bashing arguments, the hurt of lies and cheating. I will carry that with me throughout my whole life and hopefully learn from it. I have the responsibility of my job, showing up on time and doing what is asked of me in a timely manner. I have